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All trainers used the TACL "train the trainer" course, which was of the highest standard.

Being certified, it gives both the trainers and those trained the reassurance standards are at the highest levels.

Patrick Henry
Training Development Manager

Parcel Force

I have found their service to be second-to-none.

TACL has been providing software, training and support services to Parcel Force for the past 18 years.

Jennifer Green
Senior Analyst

Wincanton Transport

The TACL Drivers' Hours Law course was extremely informative! Staff left feeling knowledgable. This empowered everyone, giving them confidence when dealing with tachographs.

David Robinson
General Manager, Shell Contract

Stagecoach Bus

TACL software provides exactly what the customer needs without excessive paperwork. Great!

It only reports on faults and infringements that were incurred. If there are no faults the software doesn't waste my time telling me that! When there are faults they are pointed out to me in the least time consuming manner and in the most clear and concise way.

Senior Transport Manager

PJH Group

Excellent! Very constructive.

Roger Taplin
Depot Manager

Northern Freight Services

TACL are like an encyclopedia and reference book for Drivers' Hours at the end of the phone!

We have used TACL for over 20 years.


Charlie Gallagher
Transport Manager

Northern Freight Services

Brilliant, it answered all my questions perfectly.


Nigel Edwards
Driver for Northern Freight Services

Denby Transport Limited

The course was informative and practical, simplifying the transition from analogue to digital.

Any questions raised over digitac operations were answered thoroughly. I came away from the course fully prepared to conduct my own training.


Terry Rose
National Training Manager


The DVDs and videos are very clear, unambiguous and a superb example of training media.

The drivers found the contents very appropriate, applicable and non-patronising.


National Driver Training Co-ordinator


Time very well spent. Excellent!

Stewart Evans
Driver for Maguire Transport

St Helens Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

Our client completed your tachograph training finding it extremely useful and well delivered.

Any aspects not fully understood were given extra time until completely clarified. It was nice to see how confident he was and so pleased with his training - he would most certainly recommend it to others.

Helen Taylor
Outreach Guidance Adviser

Commercial Motor

At last! Drivers' Hours regulations explained.

Brian Weatherely

Seafield Logistics

Thank you, to you and your team, for the excellent service.

Chris Marsh
Transport Manager

PJH Group (Leeds)

Very informative and brought me right up-to-date with requirements.

C Hayward
Driver for PJH Group

Armet Logistics

All our drivers and managers have completed Drivers' Hours and tachograph training run by TACL.

The training is done in such a way as to be effective with all levels of personnel and has resulted in a more thorough understanding of not only the regulations but also the implications of these on their day-to-day work. It has also produced a more common understanding between drivers and traffic staff.

The initial training has been followed up by individual and company support which provides continuing compliance and ‘peace-of-mind’ for drivers and management alike.

TACL's training is very good. They keep going until everything is understood. It is very in-depth and informative.

Tom Sandbach
Company Secretary

Seafield Logistics

Very informative to all employees and staff.



J R Stokes
Manager, Claylands & Northwich


Both the drivers and company have benefitted enormously from the TACL training courses.

The drivers were keen to get up-to-date details. With comments like "very good and interesting", "well presented and understandable" and "the update was very useful", it shows both drivers and company have benefitted enormously.

Alan Maguire
Operations Director

Gilmour Junior School

We would like to take this opportunity of acknowledging our appreciation of your support!

On behalf of the Governor's, Teaching and Support staff and all pupils at Gilmour Juniors we would like to take this opportunity of acknowledging our appreciation of the support you have given to the school, in the form of prizes distributed during our end of term assembly.

P J Gibbons
Head Teacher

Lombard Shipping PLC

Thank you for your prompt and informed response to our query on digital tachographs. It's nice to deal with professionals who have the answers.


Ian Doherty
Transport Manager

Pickworths Solicitors

Your contribution to the case was invaluable.

Pickworths Solicitors

Suttons Group

Training our drivers throughout the Suttons Group with TACL has proved very effective.

TACL trained five of our existing driver-trainers to deliver digital tachograph training, using their highly effective "train-the-trainer" programme.

Cascading training to drivers throughout the Group in this way proved very effective. Trained drivers were in place when the first digitally tachographed vehicles arrived. So, no down time and no interruption to service to our clients.


Mark Haslam
Managing Director of Operations

Seafield Logistics

The course spelt out the obligations of the company and driver excellently.

D Burke
Driver for Seafield Logistics

Kwik Save

Praise for 'the clarity of presentation and interpretation' of a highly complex subject.

This, in a manner understood by all.

Kwik Save

ProSys Development Services

We found the TACL website a one-stop-shop for everything relating to 'Digital Tachograph'.

This is ideal for someone new to digital, keep up the good work.

Chris Cuffe
Sales and Marketing Manager

Balfour Beatty Transport

The DVD is informative, clear in its message, well structured and of an extremely high quality.

Balfour Beatty

The United Road Transport Union

A truly innovative way of creating greater knowledge and understanding in road transport.

We would highly recommended the DVD / video to anyone needing a comprehensive and easy way to understand the explanation of Drivers’ Hours Regulations and the use of tachographs.

The United Road Transport Union (URTU)
David Higginbottom, General Secretary, URTU

DTL Training & Recruitment Ltd

Your web-site proved to be the most informative I have found in 3 DAYS of searching!

I have not come across a web-site that offers so much information without having to commit to a company, or sign up to anything. This in itself should mean that you will get more genuine enquiries and commitment, I'm sure.

Keep up the good work as no-one even comes close.

Training and Recruitment

European Promotion (UK)

I found the TACL website to be most professional with useful content of a very high standard.

I have spent a good deal of time investigating a number of websites representing organisations offering Tachograph analysis. Without wishing to be critical of your competition, the TAC website was by far the most impressive.

I found the overall design to be most professional, the navigation logical and functional and the amount of useful content and general information to be of a very high standard.

European Promotion

Suttons Group

Answered all questions well.

Andy Miller
Depot Manager for Hull


Brilliant, could not fault it!

Mike Daly

Birchall Skip Hire

From being a non-believer in this form of training, I am now totally converted!

A very valuable course!


Derek Meades
Managing Director

Owner Driver

Thank you ever so much for your help today - it was enlightening and most informative.

I initially found your web-site through Google and found it extremely easy to navigate! You should try other web-sites - it is like stepping back in time in comparison to yours.

Michael D L Palmer
Owner Driver


A very useful morning. Thank you.

R Clarke
Depot Manager, Central London Sorting Office


Warm and welcoming. Very good!

Mike Dempsey and George Blackburn

Panorama Kitchens

TACL made the course "Digital Tachographs For Drivers" very interesting and easy to learn.

Stewart Brooks