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Working Time Directive 
The Road Transport Directive, commonly known as the Working Time Directive, came into force on the 4th April, 2005. It applies to any worker involved in operations subject to EU Drivers’ Hours Regulations and any worker forming part of the travelling team, ie crew members, other travelling staff, trainees, apprentices etc.

Working Time Directive works hand-in-hand with Drivers’ Hours Laws and defines limits for working, stipulates break requirements etc and helps control overall working hours.

Course Overview
This is a one day course for drivers that includes:

  • historical references;
  • working limits;
  • periods of availability (POA);
  • break periods;
  • interaction with Drivers’ Hours Laws;
  • using the mode switch;
  • Reference Periods;
  • Work Force Agreements;
  • exemptions and opt-outs;
  • holiday, sickness etc days;
  • statutory holiday days;
  • night working;
  • driver responsibilities;
  • company responsibilities;
  • multiple employers;
  • recording Working Time.

Who Should Attend?
A detailed course designed specifically for drivers who require a practical and in-depth knowledge of the Working Time Directive.

Previous Knowledge
No previous knowledge is required or assumed.

General Details
Throughout, those attending are asked to complete short exercises. These exercises are not collected in, as they can be used later in conjunction with the course notes.

Courses are run at our training centre. However, all courses can be run at virtually any suitable venue.

Courses start with Registration at 9:00am for a 9:30am start. Finish time is 5:30pm. Specific courses can be run at virtually any time to suit specific requirements.

What's Included?
All course notes and handouts. Lunch is provided and light refreshments are served throughout the course.

The courses are run on an as informal a basis as numbers will allow. Questions are typically answered as they arise.

Bespoke Courses
Specific courses, by arrangement, can be undertaken at virtually any suitable location at any time.