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TACL have produced two award-winning transport training DVDs covering the practical application of EC Regulations for Drivers' Hours and tachographs. With over 1,000 sales and an Innovation Awards, the DVDs speak for themselves. They are applicable to the UK and Europe and to both goods and passenger operations. They divide into short self-contained modules (typically lasting 5 minutes). Each item can be looked at on its own, with no necessity to view the entire DVD at once.

DVD 1: "Drivers’ Hours"

This gives a clear and concise explanation of EC Drivers’ Hours. Key areas covered include:

  • Breaks from driving;
  • Maximum driving times;
  • Daily rest periods;
  • Weekly rest periods;
  • Compensation for weekly rest reductions;
  • Many real life examples are used to demonstrate specific points.

DVD 2: "Tachographs And Charts"

This is a practical, down-to-earth guide to tachograph use. Key areas covered include:

  • Tachographs in practice;
  • Employer responsibilities;
  • Driver responsibilities;
  • What to do in the event of a tachograph breakdown.

Again, many examples are included to illustrate specific points.

What The Industry Says

Comments from customers have praised "the clarity of presentation and interpretation of a highly complex subject, in a manner understood by all" (Somerfield/Kwik Save).

Tesco commented the DVDs are "very clear, unambiguous and a superb example of a teaching DVD." Their drivers found the contents "very appropriate, applicable and non-patronizing."

The DVD "has proved to be informative, clear in its message, well structured and of an extremely high quality" (Balfour Beatty Transport).

The United Road Transport Union complemented the DVDs as a "truly innovative way of creating greater knowledge and understanding in road transport" and highly recommended the DVDs to anyone needing a comprehensive and easy to understand explanation of Drivers’ Hours Regulations and the use of tachographs.

Who Has Bought The DVDs?

Customers cover all aspects of the goods and passenger transport spectrum. They include official bodies (Department for Transport, the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service) and transport companies ranging from an operator of 69,000 vehicles to a group of owner-drivers who bought the DVDs together. Even the British Film library has got copies of both DVDs for their central reference library! 

The Verdict

These DVDs provide a simple, yet comprehensive guide to ‘Drivers’ Hours’ and ‘Charts and Tachographs’. They are designed to be both watchable and informative, and their practical approach helps the message to be remembered and, more importantly, put into practice on a day-to-day basis.

The DVDs Themselves

At the end of each section there is a short review covering all key points discussed. 

‘Quick-View’ Section

At the end of the DVD there is a new quick-view section. This pulls together all the summaries of the previous parts and provides an excellent ‘refresher’ section for those who want a quick and very concise update on the latest legislation. 


Each section of the Regulations described is in a short self-contained module (typically lasting 5 minutes). Each item can be looked at on its own, with no necessity to view the entire DVD at once. This provides an excellent opportunity for DVD based training, where important points can be repeated to suit the requirements of the company. 


Both DVDs show the legislation in a simple and very easy to understand format. Good, carefully selected examples are used to highlight specific points. 

Who Should Watch Them?

The DVDs are applicable to all in, or associated with, the transport industry. This includes managers, traffic office staff, and (often the most difficult to please!) drivers themselves. No previous knowledge of the subject is required, the subjects being dealt with from basic levels.