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Do you want to become a trainer? Are you an existing trainer needing to deliver your own in-house training scheme for a number of drivers and/or managers? 

There are two "train-the-trainer" courses designed specifically for you. One course enables key people to be trained to deliver practical training to drivers (train-the-driver); train-the-manager adds legislation, infrastructure etc.

Course Overview
This training course will cover the following key topics:

  • all 4 digital tachograph cards;
  • key digital tachograph instruments;
  • UTC and local time;
  • downloading of information;
  • storage of information;
  • locking of records;
  • printouts;
  • events and faults;
  • fitters/maintenance staff and the digital tachograph;
  • legislation;
  • digital infrastructure;
  • productivity tools.

Train-the-Trainer: Design Your Own Course
The train-the-trainer course is a total of five days. Depending on experience, background etc, not everyone will need all five days.

Monday (Optional Day A) : “How-to-train” (presentation and training delivery course)

Tuesday (Optional Day B) : Refresher/update for Drivers' Hours, Working Time etc

Wednesday (Compulsory Day 1) : Digital Tachograph “train-the-trainer” (driver and manager) course

Thursday (Compulsory Day 2) : Digital Tachograph “train-the-trainer” (driver and manager) course

Friday (Compulsory Day 3 for Train-the-Manager)* : Digital Tachograph “train-the-trainer” (manager) course*

* The 3 day manager train-the-trainer course consists of the 2 day driver train-the-trainer course and an additional day to complete the manager train-the-trainer course.