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Driver CPC 
This course can form part of a 7 hour Driver CPC module. 

Drivers’ Hours Law Regulations 
The Drivers’ Hours Law Regulations are often though of as complicated and difficult to understand, and even harder to apply when on-the-road. This course provides an overview of the Drivers’ Hours Law Regulations in a simply to understand and practical way. 

TACL has over 30 years experience of compliance helping all from the owner-operator to the largest blue-chip fleets. 

Course Overview
This is a 1 day course for drivers that includes:

  • breaks from driving;
  • total driving time;
  • daily rest;
  • weekly rest:
  • driving to a point of safety;
  • emergencies
  • multi-manning;
  • travel on ferry and train;
  • periods of availability;
  • in-scope and out-of-scope working;
  • driver and company responsibilities;
  • tachographs;
  • working for more than one employer;
  • records to have available for inspection;
  • due diligence;
  • Domestic and EU Regulations.

Who Should Attend?
A practical, no-nonsense course designed specifically for drivers. It provides a flexible framework which can, if required, be tailored to the specific requirements of a given company or particular type of operation.

Previous Knowledge
No previous knowledge is required, though previous attendance at the “Drivers’ Hours For Drivers – An Introduction” may be helpful.

General Details
Throughout, those attending are asked to complete short exercises. These exercises are not collected in, as they can be used later in conjunction with the course notes.

Courses are run at our training centre. However, all courses can be run at virtually any suitable venue.

Courses start with Registration at 9:00am for a 9:30am start. Finish time is 5:30pm. Specific courses can be run at virtually any time to suit specific requirements.

What Is Included
All course notes and handouts. Lunch is provided and light refreshments are served throughout the day.

The courses are run on an as informal a basis as numbers will allow. Questions are normally answered as they arise.

Bespoke Courses
Specific courses, by arrangement, can be undertaken at virtually any suitable location at any time.