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TACL can help with all your goods and passenger Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) needs.

DCPC Courses
TACL offers a range of DCPC courses of 3½ hours and 7 hours duration. For those requiring different subject areas to be covered, 2 x 3½ hour modules can be chosen from a matrix of over 30 individual courses - helping meet your specific training needs.

Beskoke DCPC Courses
Often specialist transport demands specialist training. Are there no courses suitable or specific enough in the 30 course matrix? If not, TACL can work with you to design and develop a bespoke course around your exact requirements.

Background To The DCPC 
EU Directive 2003/59 required all new drivers to acquire the DCPC for the vocational driving of category D and D1 (PCV) from the 10th September 2008 and category C and C1 (LGV) from the 10th September 2009.

Who Needs A DCPC
Holders of vocational licenses prior to 10th September 2008/9 were granted Grandfather Rights and did not have to acquire the DCPC. They did, however, have to undertake 35 hours of Periodic Training, to have been completed within a 5 year period from 10th September 2008/9.

Trainers To Deliver The DCPC
It is estimated the DCPC has impacted on almost 1,000,000 professional drivers and that 3,000,000 training hours are required annually for LGV drivers alone.

Opportunities For Trainers
High caliber trainers are required to help with the delivery of the DCPC. If you are an existing trainer, or would like to become a DCPC trainer and learn how to deliver high quality, cost effective training and help industry meet the ongoing challenge presented by the DCPC, please contact us.