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Working Time Analysis 

The award winning Nemesis™ analysis system can be used for Working Time and Drivers’ Hours Law analysis. The system seamlessly integrates Working Time and Drivers' Hours using tachograph and other records - enabling compliance reporting, prediction of remaining Working Time etc on one, simple to use set of printouts.

Who Does It Apply To?

  • Any worker involved in operations subject to EU Drivers’ Hours Regulations;
  • Any worker forming part of the travelling team, ie crew members, other travelling staff, trainees, apprentices etc.;

What Is Working Time?
Working time is calculated by adding driving time and duty time together. Breaks and periods of availability (POA) are excluded from the overall total.

Working Time Limits
Working time must not exceed 60 hours in any one week, or an average of 48 hours per week over the duration of the reference period.

Reference Period
A Reference Period is a period of time (typically a combination of 17/18/17 weeks [totaling 52 weeks] or 26/26 weeks [totaling 52 weeks])* over which the average Working Time must not exceed 48 hours per week.

* There are also other durations for Reference Period.