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Nemesis™ award winning tachograph analysis systems are sophisticated and comprehensive. It provides a unique reporting style - print what is wrong, not what is right!
Reports are provided, typically in four categories:

  • Drivers' Hours;
  • Working Time;
  • compliance;
  • fleet operational management.

Drivers' Hours

  • Manager Report
    • This is specifically aimed at the transport manager and shows, succinctly, any infringements and/or faults found during the analysis of the tachograph records. Problems associated with the tachograph instrument itself (digital or analogue) identified during analysis can also be reported.
  • Driver Letter (Driver Copy)
    • The Drivers’ Letter is written in plain language - no codes, no complex abbreviations etc. It describes any infringements and faults found, when they occurred, how “serious” they were, and, most importantly, the cause and what to do to correct it.
  • Driver Letter (Company Copy)
    • This a duplicate of the Drivers’ Letter, though for the company. This copy is kept for reference by the operator and can form part of an ongoing compliance regime. 
  •  Missing Mileage
    • This report details any distance travelled that is unaccounted for.
  • Speed and Overspeed
    • Speed of the vehicle and instances of overspeed can be reported. Parameters for reporting can be set by the operator.

Working Time

These reports support the overall compliance regime. They show Working time for:

  • the current week;
  • the average in the Reference Period to-date;
  • a prediction of the Working Time for all weeks left in the Reference Period.

Compliance Reports

From the experience of Public Inquiries, court cases etc, TACL has developed a comprehensive suite of detailed compliance reports to support in-house compliance systems.

Nemesis™ 'Operational' Management

The system provides detailed information regarding the operation of vehicles and their drivers. Information for the reports can be combined from a variety of sources including:

  • digital and analogue tachograph records;
  • routing and scheduling systems (direct/indirect links);
  • GPS systems (direct/indirect links);
  • running sheets/delivery notes;
  • wage reports;
  • fuel records;
  • proof of delivery documentation.

There are many other reports available, including:

  • operational utilisation reports;
  • by individual vehicle/driver;
  • groups of vehicles/drivers at a depot;
  • by depot;
  • by region etc;
  • trend report;
  • depot utilisation;
  • timed delivery;
  • all reports can be tailored to individual requirements.