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Course Overview 
This one day compliance course is designed for the Traffic Office and associated teams. It divides in to two parts: 

  • an introduction to the framework of legislation relating to the company and its drivers in the areas of Drivers’ Hours, Working Time Directive, tachographs (both digital and analogue) and planning; 
  • examples of systems that could be adopted to help towards the creation of a robust compliance régime. 

Key subjects covered are below. The delivery order can vary depending on the experience of those attending. 


  • Operators Licence obligations;
  • detailed review of Drivers' Hours Law Regulations and the Working Time Regulations;
  • penalties: fines; custodial sentences, curtailment of licence.


  • Operator Licensing;
  • company and driver responsibilities;
  • compliance procedures;
  • Primary Employer status;
  • licences;
  • corporate manslaughter;
  • corporate responsibilities;
  • planning and scheduling;
  • procedures following receipt of completed analysis (2 drivers letters);
  • missing mileage;
  • tachograph downloading/collection and record storage;
  • disciplinary procedure as part of “prevention-of-repetition”;
  • Enforcement : documents that can be required by VOSA;
  • understanding of digital printouts;
  • downloading Driver Cards and vehicle units;
  • daily defect reporting;
  • audit trails;
  • due diligence;
  • maintenance.

Record Keeping

  • use of analogue and digital tachographs;
  • the need to ensure tachograph records show total activity for the entire working day;
  • manual entries using digital and analogue tachographs;
  • the need to ensure the tachograph record and Time Sheet activities coincide;
  • use of the mode switch;
  • maintenance activity, clerical duties etc prior to start of driving and/or after end of driving;
  • periods of availability (POA);
  • use of Driver Cards when using analogue and digital vehicles.

Incident Analysis

  • detailed analysis of a tachograph record - the information that can be obtained.

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for those working in the Traffic Office team and the surrounding transport environment including managers, supervisors , traffic office staff, and, indeed anyone for whom knowledge of compliance, Drivers' Hours Laws etc would be beneficial.

Previous Knowledge
Previous knowledge is not required.

General Details
Throughout, those attending are asked to complete short exercises. These exercises are not collected in, as they can be used later in conjunction with the course notes.

Courses are run at our training centre. However, all courses can be run at virtually any location that is suitable to the operator.

Courses start at 9:15am for Registration, with a 9:30am start. Finish time 5:30pm. Specific courses can be run at virtually any date or time to suit specific requirements.

What's Included?
All course note and handouts. Lunch is provided and light refreshments are served throughout the day.

The courses are run on an as informal a basis as numbers will allow. Questions are normally answered as they arise.

Bespoke Courses
The course provides a flexible framework which can, if required, be tailored to the specific requirements of a given company. Aspects of the legislation of particular relevance to a company can be highlighted. For bespoke courses, timings can be changed and run over multiple days to help minimise disruption to day-to-day operations.