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Bureau Analysis / In-house Analysis Systems

Nemesis™ digital and analogue tachograph analysis systems are sophisticated and comprehensive. There are three fundamental systems:

- Drivers' Hours;
- Working Time;
- fleet management operational system.

Designed with the benefit of experience from goods and passenger operators, the Department for Transport and the Enforcement Authorities (VOSA and Police), the Nemesis™ system is a sophisticated and comprehensive tachograph record analysis system.

Unique Approach To Analysis
Designed for busy commercial environments, Nemesis™ offers a totally unique approach to analysis for Drivers’ Hours and fleet management.

The design and reporting philosophies used in the system are the result of collaborations in all areas of the transport and associated sectors. The reports are designed to keep administration time to an absolute minimum and can form part of company compliance and environmental policies.

External Bureau Analysis Or An In-House System
TACL offers a bureau tachograph analysis service. Records (digital downloads, charts etc) can be sent to the TACL offices for analysis and returned with the printouts. If you prefer to analyse records at your own premises, TACL can provide in-house analysis systems (see below).

Drivers' Hours
A printout for the company shows any problems that have been found, and a letter for the driver describes areas requiring attention. Mechanical problems of the tachograph revealed by the analysis of the charts are shown on the company report.

Working Time
The system can also be used for compliance and status reporting for Working Time. The system seamlessly integrates Working Time and Drivers' Hours using the tachograph and other records - enabling compliance reporting, status prediction etc on one simple to use set of printouts.

Nemesis™ 'Operational' Management
The system provides detailed information regarding the operation of vehicles and their drivers. Information for the reports can come from a variety of sources including:

- tachograph records;
- routing and scheduling systems (direct / indirect links);
- GPS systems (direct / indirect links);
- running sheets / delivery notes;
- wage reports;
- fuel records.

There are many reports available, including:

- operational utilization reports;
- by individual vehicle / driver;
- groups of vehicles / drivers at a depot;
- by depot;
- by region etc.;
- trend report;
- depot utilisation;
- timed delivery;
- all reports can be tailored to individual requirements.

Nemesis™ Software Systems
There are different versions for different users (there is a bureau version, multi-depot version, single site version etc). Each is tailored to the requirements of that specific application. The systems are configurable and work with digital and analogue records.

Nemesis™ 'Bureau' For Drivers' Hours
This system is specifically designed for use in bureaus and larger (and multi-depot) transport operations, and as a result is very flexible. It gives, in addition to easy-to-read and concise reports, chart analysis job tracking, interfaces to invoicing systems, statistical information regarding bureau operation, and staff productivity.

Nemesis™ 'Hand Held' For Drivers' Hours
Nemesis™ 'Hand Held' does not require a chart reader and is specifically designed for smaller transport operations, or where the need is for a portable system that can be taken from depot to depot without the need for a tachograph chart reader.

Nemesis™ Operational Fleet Management
The 'Operational' fleet management system is powerful and sophisticated, yet offers very easy-to-use comprehensive configuration options. This can be used with or without a tachograph chart reader.

Nemesis™ 'ICIS' On-Board-Computer Interface
This package allows any of the Nemesis™ systems to interface with in-cab-information-systems (ICIS™) or on-board computer systems. Using this package information can be read and analysed for Drivers' Hours and Fleet Management without the need for a tachograph chart reader.

Interfaces are available to spreadsheets or other database options. Electronic transfer of information is fast and minimises paperwork and re-keying of information.

Chart Readers
Nemesis™ systems can interface with most leading makes of digita download equipment, chart readers and scanners. In addition, direct down-loading of tachograph based information, from in-cab-information-systems (ICIS™) is also available.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact TACL on 01704 894555.

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